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Business Loan - Case Study

We recently worked with a seafood retailer from QLD to expand their product range, The business has recently signed a 2 year contract with an established restaurant in Brisbane, and require funding to purchase large quantity of product at a whole sale price.

Industry type - Retailer

Time in business -1 years

Use of funds - Expand product range

Loan type - Small Business Loan

Loan amount - $39,000

Loan Term - 12 months

Verification document required

  • Last 30 Days bank statement

  • Copy of the 2 years supply contract

  • Up to date P&L statement and Balance sheet summary

  • Company tax return

  • Cash flow projection

While most hospitality business was greatly impacted to due Covid-19 restriction, the client was able to show strong financial position, The up to date P&L statement is showing net profit and was verified with the reported company tax return, Accountant Cash flow projection shows increased annual turn over as a result of the supply contract, the business also has low Debt to Equity ratio.

The application was approved, and the fund was provided in 48 Hour.

Good vibe.

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