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Debt consolidation -Case Study

Debt consolidation is a strategy we use to reduce a client debt

Essentially we look at the client circumstances, their goal and objectives, and engage potential lender to help meet your objectives.

Some of the question the borrower should ask before they consolidate their debt is

  1. What is the final loan amount for payment?

  2. Are there any fee's such as break fee for paying the loan early?

  3. What is the current interest rate charged on the loan?

  4. Can you keep meeting the repayment requirement for the new loan?

  5. Your credit history, including arrears and default?

Case Study

Mel had taken a loan for her car, an Audi Q3 for $60,000 with a loan term of 7 years paying a fixed rate of 2.5%.

  • Her application fee is $150

  • She was paying a monthly repayment of $779

  • Interest paid on the life time of the loan is $5,465

  • Mel actual cost for the loan is $66,455 ($60,000 + $150 + $840 + $5,465)

After four years, Mel continue with her repayment and she was able to reduce her loan balance to $30,000, but she felt that it was time to review his finance so she can save more for her first home deposit goal.

With debt consolidation we are able to refinance to another lender with lower interest and longer term, and reduce the repayment rate.

  1. Mel new interest rate is 1%

  2. Loan term of 5 years

  3. New loan application fee of $300

  4. Early termination fee from the dealer is $800

  5. No monthly admin fee from the new lender

  6. Total interest payable for new loan is $796

  7. Monthly repayment is reduced to $740


  • Total cost under debt consolidation is $32,249 ($30,000 + $300 + $800 + $1,149).

  • Monthly saving increase to an extra $30 in her pocket.

  • Total interest saved on the life time of the loan is $1149.

Get in touch with us or book for credit consultation to assess your option.

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